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World Soda Ash Conference
Get your business updates and obtain latest content and data for the soda ash industry. 

Network with industry professionals and IHS Markit experts, including speakers from Carbon Clean, Chinese Soda Industry Association and Eti Soda , on the stunning Dalmatian Coast.

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Global Opportunities in a New Soda Ash Era
M&A activity in recent years have resulted in a change in industry participants. A wave of new capacity is about to hit the market, while the industry grapples with uncertainty in demand growth. 

In this era of change, where are the opportunities to succeed? How can market players position themselves for success? 

Commercial Impacts of Soda Ash Technologies

The conference is preceded by our Soda Ash Training Workshop on the 19th September. The workshop will include reviews of technologies, product quality, sources of competitive advantage and discussion of global and regional technological trends and discontinuities that are impacting trade and profitability. Find out more

Conference, Sep 20-21
Training, Sept 19
Hotel Dubrovnik Palace 
Dubrovnik, Croatia
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